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Monday, May 31, 2010

2 and 3

video video

Monday - Memorial Day - evening in the rain

Hi, I was at the dog show again all day in Kalamazoo. Although Tiny took first in the Open class she did not win overall for the girls for the points. With 7-11 girl Brits entered each of the 4 days, one of 4 days winning was good. Oh well, better luck next week in Toledo.....she's at dog camp and we miss miss miss her! It was hard to say hi and bye today. Here's some puppy for ya...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

more after lunch antics

By the way, the rice cereal and goat's milk combo has been upgraded to a puppy gruel. Some finely ground puppy food is mixed in too. They LOVE it.

playing (fighting?) after lunch on Sunday


trying out the new digs here and there....they like it

Friday, May 28, 2010

now what you've been waiting for.....

video video video video video

In case you didn't see it below: Tiny Won

Tiny won at the dog show today n Kalazamazoon for 2 points! Greta wanted to brag about her other daughter..... 3 more days of showing with chances to win.

sorry I didn't post all day

but I was in Kalamazoo with Tiny (Greta's daughter from a previous marriage) at a dog show and she...WON! Two more points. She is showing on Sat, Sun, and Monday too!

Darby and Katie came for a visit and played with pups too. Here's some pics:

more updates

they are very cute
more teeth coming in
they are starting to climb out of box when door is open and if it isn't they try the sides (can't do it there, but they try)
puppy pen (new/next home will be set up this weekend in the kitchen)
did I say they were very cute?
I am taking Tiny to a dog show in Kalamazoo today but when I get home tonight, I'll take more pictures and video for your puppy fix
Tiny adores them and will miss them when she is away showing the next week
all are sleeping right now except Goober who is walking from one to the next trying to pick on them to wake them up to play
she may have to come out to the kitchen with me to fix the big girls breakfast
when that's done, the pups will get their breakfast of goat's milk and baby rice cereal moistened with goat's milk
Goober just let out a huge squeal
I better go kiss her face off :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

5-27-10 - 3 weeks - weights

Beefcake = 4.25 lbs
Goober = just under 4.0 lbs
Squeaky = 3.5 lbs
Ace = 3.5 lbs
Trey = just under 3.5 lbs


The scabs from their tail dockage are starting to fall off.
I felt two back bottom teeth in the three pups I checked.
They look like little Brittany's now.
They are scrumptious.
I think I will go eat one now.
I will weigh them today or tomorrow. I think Trey is the lightest.
They are so soft and love to have their belly rubbed.
They choose to urinate on the puppy pee pad (we fondly call this area the potty chair) vs the bedding.
Tiny adores them and got in the box and layed down and lifted one rear leg up like she wanted them on her as they do with Greta. Very cute and very interesting.
I feel like that lady who watches the chimpanzees - haha.

Happy 3 Week Birthday, Babies!

You sure have grown!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

milk, fresh air, and a heat lamp

Look what a belly full of goat's milk, some fresh air, and a warm bed will do to you....

1st try at some goat's milk, part 3


1st try at some goat's milk, part 5


1st try at some goat's milk, part 4


1st try at some goat's milk, part 2


1st try at some goat's milk, part 1


little cuties

These adorable babies are starting to interact and it's so cute. They might be getting their teeth because they are biting each other and the wood in the whelp box and Greta's ears and my chin. No teeth yet, but I think they are on their way.
They don't last long but if mom isn't in the box and I call to them they start to scramble. They were growling at each other and trying to run and falling and changing directions and falling over. Very Very Cute!



back to puppies.....


Rest in Peace dear sweet Calli

Champion Voyageur-Esprit Calli Flower 4-3-1994 to 5-24-2010

You were much loved and will be very missed.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saturday, May 22, 2010

early Saturday morning Squeaky


morning video



Well, Calli woke me up at 3:45am with a scream....I think she either fell off the couch or fell trying to get on it. She's been having a bad last few days. My poor dear sweet 16 year old baby. I'll take Tiny to Corunna (west of Flint) for a dog show - will leave at 5:30am and then come back and see how Cal is doing...hang in there Cal.

Here's some pictures and videos : random of pups and Cal

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Make sure you all see everything posted from Thursday...

I put up more individual videos, a picture, a new link about getting a new puppy, a sponge bath post, and a long new puppy info post!! Lots of new blog updates...I hope it's all readable - I dozed off several times while posting (I was tired!).

Advice for the new puppy buyers

NYC Animal Shelter & Behavioral Center
Educational support information
Advice for the New Puppy Owner
We know you'll love your puppy and do your very best to keep him happy and healthy, so here is an easy to follow guide to take good care of him. Remember; he only has you to depend upon.
1. Very important -- keep your puppy on a feeding schedule, feeding him the same meals at the same time everyday. Let's say you feed him at 7:00 AM, then again at 12:00 noon and again at 4:00 PM, make sure he has fresh water all day and after each meal. As your puppy gets older, you can reduce the meals to twice a day; and please keep in mind, no snacks. Also, make sure the puppy does not have any vigorous exercise before or after meals (never over-exercise him).
2. Remember that he's only a baby and although play is important, sleep is just as important. Never startle a dog while they are sleeping.
3. A puppy relieves himself when he wakes up, after he plays and after he eats so be sure to keep his area clean (whether paper-training or outdoor training), this prevents parasites and disease and ensures a happy, healthy puppy. He probably relieves himself away from his bed, so make sure there is paper in that spot. If you are consistent in your training, then everything will go smoothly.
4. Never allow canned dog food (and it should be puppy food) to stand more than five minutes as it gets rancid, it's unhealthy and creates bad eating habits.
5. If your puppy cries excessively all night or day and you can't soothe him, call your vet or Emergency Animal Hospital for assistance. If his temperature has to be taken, the normal range is 101 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit.
6. Make sure he doesn't get near wires or anything laying around that he could chew on or swallow. The only items that should be "left around" are his toys and they should only be dog toys made of Nylabone, hard rubber or tough rawhide (American-made rawhide). A ball should be bigger than his mouth so he can't choke on it. Teething is a vital part of puppy growth so prevent mishaps and there will be no need to reprimand the dog.
7. When the puppy relieves himself, check his stool -- it should not be loose. If it is, it might be due to diet, parasites, worms, the nervousness of a new home or something else. Have the veterinarian check it. You should also bring a stool specimen when you take the puppy for his inoculations. The stool is a good indication of a puppy's health.
8. Keep his eyes clean of discharge by wiping them with a soft, clean cloth. Some breeds are prone to a discharge.
9. Until he has his proper shots, do not expose him to the outside or to any other animal. Talk to your vet about this. Usually after his second shot, it is okay to take him out and have him around other animals.
10. When petting your puppy, speak gently and never yell in his cars. Build a close bond with your dog and you will have a happy, healthy dog and a friend for life. Let him know he can trust you by knowing who you are and depending on you to take care of him.
11. Never pick your puppy up by his neck or legs. Put your palm under his chest and be sure his backside is supported with your other hand. If you are not sure how to do this, ask us or your vet to show you the proper way.
12. Until your puppy is fully paper-trained or trained to relieve himself outside, keep him confined to a small area. Only upon your total supervision, should he be allowed the run of the house.
13. When you begin taking him outside, don't take him where all the other dogs go, always take him to the same spot in your yard (or on the street) and then clean it up. This will help keep him (as well as other animals) free of parasites.
14. If you're consistent in any training, the dog learns quicker and becomes more of a pleasure to live with.
15. If you are going to be out of the house for many hours at some point during the day or evening, you may want to consider crate-training your puppy.
16. Important ingredients for a happy, healthy dog - Love, Understanding, Proper Nutrition, Exercise and Obedience Training. If you are not sure of anything, ask your vet.
As of this moment, you have become responsible for someone else, so it's up to you to work out a schedule to give your puppy the best care possible. As your puppy gets a little older and understands more, it gets easier. Please be patient and understanding to his needs because you have a new best friend.
Good Luck!

Little dirty babies today

When I came home a few of the babies weren't as clean as usual...Greta missed some spots so there were a few poopy puppies. So they all got warm sponge baths then went under the heat lamp to dry off. They all liked their sponge baths and were cooperative during the bath and the towel dry. Everyone had a 10pm meal and now they are sleeping....alone....I don't know where Greta is.

Goober getting air


Ace 2


Ace getting some air


Trey getting a little fresh air


Squeaky getting some fresh air