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Friday, June 10, 2011

Puppy Class

Mel went to her first puppy socialization class and Murray and Ticket (Kenny) were there too!! Very fun. They were all good puppies and I was so glad to see the boys. They grew! The puppies were glad to see me and each other too. After class, the rest of the class left and the three amigos, I mean Brittany's got to run around and play. Ticket was a hump-a-holic and he and Murray were playing hard just like old times...can't wait to see them each week.

Oh, during the after class session, each one at separate times decided they needed to leave a lovely 'pile' on the floor...uh-oh. :)

If I still have Jemaine next week, he'll come along to say hi too.

Mark told me that all day yesterday, Tiny and the pups were laying in the grass in the backyard. They would play and play. The pups would come and go but Tiny just stayed in the same spot. Mark thought at one point maybe she hurt herself since she hadn't moved in such a long time. She hadn't. He said it looked like she was holding court. She would 'talk' to them and they would listen and watch her. They would 'talk' back. He said it was adorable and it went on all day...Tiny is just the best mama!!

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