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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fun Weekend

I had a great time playing with Ace and watching him all weekend. Tiny and Greta too. He was a good boy, had a lot of time playing and is very very loving. He slept with me on the couch when he'd get tired. Very sweet. I love him and miss him already and he's only been gone about 30-40 minutes!

Beef and his dad are VERY tired! :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

:) :) Excerpt from email from Beef's family:

.......from all the videos you put on the blog he was such a queit little guy and now he barks a lot. In the house when he either wakes or after he has been up for a while and we are still in the bed at 7:30 he starts to bark...worst time is when he goes out in the morning with Ike in tow he barks in the back yard when playing with Ike. I am almost sure that some barking is ok because he is trying to tell me something like I want water,cause I look and it's empty and as soon as I fill it he's over there gulping it down...or when he wants to eat...if I check my watch and it's need 8am or 6pm them it's time...or he wants to go out...sometimes there is no barking for that he stares at me and when i ask if he wants to go out he continues to stare until I get up and he heads to the door. But all in all there is a lot of barking,

(((sounds to me like he's a very smart Beefcake :) )))

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Big Weekend for Baby Acey

On Sunday Ace's dad is going to let me show Ace in a puppy show fun match. It will be fun. I hope I can keep up with the little stinker. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that Ace shows well. He's practicing up for when he starts showing for real when he turns 6 months old. Ace is going to be in dog shows, field trials, hunt tests, and he'll go hunting too. Phew, something for him to do every day!

oh and I forgot to mention

That baby Maggie's family (Squeaky) came to see Tiny at the dog show on the weekend and they watched her finish her Championship title! That was so nice. I'm glad someone saw it. Even though it wasn't a big show (not a lot of Brittanys) - Tiny did win, and that's all she needed. She needed to win and just beat one other dog to get her championship. She had already won the hard ones where she had to beat a bunch of dogs at a single show. She had to do that twice and did it at the Georgia Brittany club Specialty show and the Michigan Brittany club Specialty show. So, thanks Melissa, Rachel, and Lulu of the Kindergarden class! :)

by the way...

Thanks to all you nice new owners who are kind enough to let me keep up with Greta's babies!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a few more....

ok, Tiny has the orange collar on (Miss Champion, that is :) ), Katie is under the chair.....and being held up by me and the posed one with three dogs are left to right: Katie, a very drugged older half sister, Tiny and then mom, Greta!!

Oh my gosh, I stopped in to see Katie (Goober) and

1)Katie under chair, I think...
2)Greta on left and Molly on right in the dirt with bush behind them, 3) both of the others are of Greta (sitting next to Mary's legs and walking toward camera.

it was a lovely visit with Mary, Ellen, Katie, and her sister Molly. Greta and Tiny and I went to see Katie at her house. Thanks, Ellen and Mary for letting us visit. I was coming back from taking Tiny to get her hips checked to be sure they are good in case she wants to have babies, in the future. She had to be slightly sedated, so she was a bit groggy but she still had fun and Molly did let Greta and Tiny know that this was HER house and Katie was hers now! haha.

I'll try to let you know which dog is which in each photo.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Big Sis Tiny's Big News::::::::

Tiny's new name
Champion Hurricane Little Feat !!!

She finished her show championship yesterday, 9-18-10.
She got a Select placement toward that new AKC title, the Grand Champion title, today, too..

woohoo, Tiny!

Ace is an Uncle!!

and his daddy is a very proud Grandpa!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sad note:

DC/AFC Bet’n She’ll Fly JH … aka … Delta

The pups grandmother, Delta (their dad's mom) was put to rest yesterday. Rest in Peace, Delta.
Such a beautiful girl

(take care, Cheryl)
painting by: Herbert Park


Ace came by for a visit and an introduction to the grooming table. He didn't need much done. He is very very handsome and Greta was sincerely happy to see him. Tiny, Greta, and Ace had a great time running and playing. No pictures, but I hope to get more of him soon. He is a very nice guy with a great personality.....and he still came immediately to Mark saying: "puppy, puppy, puppy"!

Maggie (Squeaks)

I hear she is a little stinker! Here's some recent pictures of the little those freckles!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cactus (Trey) and Maggie (Squeaky)

Where are you? We need some recent pictures for comparisons.......Love Greta and Tiny!

Big Beef-ster!

Baby Beef went to something called the Diaper Derby...haha, fun with birds for the puppies. Here are some pics.....

isn't he getting pretty?!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday to big sis Tiny!

and her siblings......Stoshie (Abbey), Clover (Gretel), Son of Jake (Sawyer), Big Head (Olive), and Whitey (Belle), and we won't forget little Dot in the backyard....Greta and I had coffee over her this morning.... here's a picture of that litter....Tiny is right in the middle :)