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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday night with some Beef

Oh nO!!!!! Beefarino is leaving on Saturday....boohoo.....which pup(s) will come visit me.....I will be so sad, bored, lonely.....Tiny! Greta! What will we do with ourselves!!!!! :(

Goober/Katie Update

Here's Katie (Goober) with her new family. She went to live with a family that has a 2 year old Brittany - Molly. They are friends. :) I really miss that face. She looks like she's fitting right in!

not too bad

11:40 to 4:05 ...pretty good. He's exploring more than being crazy and he's fallen back to sleep but I'm waking him up - that's only going to be a 10 minute nap....gotta wear him out before I leave for work....


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

to the four who already left

I thought tonight I'd be in the same place as you....a lone puppy, crying in a crate....but I thought I would cheat if that happened, by putting Tiny in there to quiet the pup and sleep with Beef all night, but Beef just went outside and I put him in the crate, and he's asleep! Let's see if it lasts. If not, I'm throwing Tiny in there but so far..... After Ace left, while I was uploading videos, Beef tried out Tiny's crate and he liked that too so that was another thought, but again, so far, so good in the crate all by himself......more in the morning.

Ace left but won't be too far

and I'll get to see him - yay!

Two little boys having a sleep

final day with two babies

Daddy Dealer Day

Here's a few pictures of Dad. We don't want him to get lost in the shuffle. Great DNA!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Well, this blog is kinda ending......few more days and lots less action......boohoo cry cry tears scream! :)
Unless.....the new homes send me pictures and videos and stories!!! Ok, guys!!??
Here's some videos of the two cute boys.......

calm and quiet

It was pretty darn peaceful this morning with just two pups. Ace will go tomorrow so I get to enjoy him another day and then I will just have baby Beefy till the weekend. boo
I need some peace but its just so sad to see them go. Hope everyone is having fun with their puppy and all the pups are being nice.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Puppy pen down, crate up, all toys - inside and outside are in the washer, two boys (Ace and Beef) have been exploring the house and really think they are something special. Tiny has begun playing her big sister games (tug, chase) in the living room and if I ask the boys to follow me out, they will. I don't have to carry each one out! Big strides! Exercise pen taken down outside till next time, yard picked up a bit, what's next.....mop the kitchen floor.....
Tres made it to his home and has met his two doggy siblings and was napping last I heard. Maggie met her canine friend and was not too sure about it. Boys are napping, then they will come out for some more fun before bed. It's very different around here already. Very sad, that's what I am. I hope the three that are at their homes are being nice and the new homes are having fun and everyone is bonding.

new digs.....again

Since we are down to two, I took down the puppy pen and the last two boys are in a regular crate...such big boys!


Trey now lives on a horse farm in Ann Arbor (well, Plymouth, really)

and his name might stay Trey but from now on it will be spelled correctly....Tres (thanks Mary)

Be a good boy, I will certainly miss that face!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

and the boys say....

give us our own bowls of food!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!

new names...

Goober is now Katie and Squeaky is now Maggie!! very nice.

and the winner is.....



morning fun

Bye Goober

We will miss you, be a good girl!! I do miss you already!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy 7 Week birthday!

Trey cried at the doorwall! Good boy! Went out and immediately went potty!! No messes all night....these pups will be trained by the time you get them home!! :) ....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Now how can you NOT smile at those pictures below??? :)

and a few more


lots of pictures from the real photographer

Now, when you see a red collar it's Goober, she lost her collar today. Lot's of pictures were taken with her in a red one until we found her collar under the picnic don't get confused. Hardly any of Beef, he didn't like my brother as much as Ace did. Ace wouldn't leave his side, he was his best model.