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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Maggie's new names

Magglio Ordonez, Baby Maggie, Baby Mag's, Maggie-Maggie-Maggie, Baby, Cutie.......I think if she isn't thrilled to see her family, she'll just have to stay here.....:) I love this little girl!!! (so do Greta, Tiny, Mark, and Max!!), more pictures to come.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Baby Maggie is so nice!

I really like this little girl! Nice temperment, fun, cute, easy to live with...hardly any accidents....nice...nice..nice. I will miss her bunches!

Maggie, Tiny, and Greta videos

Baby Maggie!!

12 weeks!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baby Maggie at doggie camp

Maggie came last night to stay for a few days while her family goes away for a wedding......Tiny and Greta are having a ball playing with her and she is having fun too. She met Tiny's sister, Belle, last night after I groomed Belle and at first she didn't like how crazy Tiny and Belle get when they get together - and Maggie would come near me for protection (sit under my lawn chair) but later she checked Belle out and they all just sniffed the yard and played. After Belle left we went inside and Tiny and Maggie played and played. Very cute. Then Maggie slept with me on the couch. She is very cuddly and it was nice. Dogs went outside to potty and then I put Maggie in with Tiny in her crate. They snuggled up and slept all night! No noises out of them till I woke them up at about 5:15. She ate and played till I had to leave for work and then went in the crate with Tiny (Tiny sleeps in the crate but since Mark is home I usually don't close the crate door when I leave for work but I did today so Tiny could babysit Maggie until Mark or Max wake up).
I'll post pictures and video later - I wanted to spend my time with her and not be sitting at the computer.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Saw baby Maggie last night

She's a cutie! I will see her tonight when she comes over for a few days of fun. We will have doggie camp at our house and Tiny and Greta will get to play with baby Maggie...(me too!). Should be lots of fun for all of us. I hope baby Maggie is ready for all the attention she will get. I'll post pictures soon.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Big Sis wins at the shows in Medina Ohio

Tiny won Winners, Best of Winners, and Best of Opposite Sex at the dog show yesterday for 2 points towards her championship!! She only needs one silly little point and she's a CHAMPION!!!!! :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

yipee, yipee

I get to babysit Squeaky (Maggie) next weekend! I promise, I will call her Maggie, and make the entire family do so, too!!


Little Acey! He's so cute and such a nice boy!! It was so nice to see him. He came to watch his mom in her agility class.

Monday, July 19, 2010

how are all the 10.5 week old pups doing??

waiting for more updates....Big Beef is a whopping 17 lbs!!! He's very nice and very smart and good, too. Ace has been a calmer boy lately - loving his back rubs.....more please..

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

awww, no puppy updates today, so....

I'll tell you about Tiny and Greta playing so cute right here next to me right now. I wish I knew where the camera was, of course, if I go look for it, they will follow me and stop the playing just take my word for it!

NEED MORE PUPPY UPDATES! (and pictures) :)

Pictures of Katie (Goooooober!!)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Look at how cute my little buddy Ace is!!!

Beef wrote the following letter:

Hey everyone...I went to the LaSalle Brittany Club training class for dog's under 2 years old...Yep that's me they were talking about...I took my Buddy IKE and my dad in MY truck and we headed out at 7am Saturday morning. I was not sure what to expect...last thing was more yelping and biting dogs to bother me...I get enough of that from IKE {I still like Ike better}.....anyway this guy who's a professional trainer Tom Tracey Jr. he told the parents all kinds of cool things for us to work on so I could be a champion field dog...I am now anyway -There is not a field I can't poop in and maybe twice!!!!! We learned about collars and special ropes and Wow we even learned about AGILITY. We had to stand on a barrel and hold our head up high and not look nervous about it... I was like a rock {sing to me Bob Seeger...Like a Rock}...and we had time for water break and EATS...and when the BEEF EATS..everyone eats!!!! OK back to what we did after lunch. We got to work with live quail...I was not sure if I liked those things...oh man!!!! They scared me at first...NO WAY did I want to touch that Thing... but after I ate some of the feathers on the ground That Tom pulled out...they felt funny in my mouth...but then I figured out Hey this isn't to bad...I can get that bird...He won't hurt me!!!! I got that old bird...I"M COOL JUST CALL ME "KILLER' THE BIRD DOG!!!!! CHECK ME OUT in the pictures my dad took...he was cool to, he keep telling me I was a good boy...any doubt????? I think not!!!!
Until next time and you all stay cool!!! WOOF WOOF!!!!!

and a couple more Beef pics

more Beef and bird pics

Beef's day with birds

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tiny's brag

Hurricane Little Feat (Tiny) - won today at the Michigan Brittany Club specialty show held with the Ann Arbor Kennel Club all breed show in Monroe. She got a 4 point major and now has both her majors. She has 12 of her 15 points to become a Champion. She shows tomorrow too. That's both majors at specialty shows!! Great day!! Hope the babies are good.....

Friday, July 9, 2010

Oh my gosh!!!

I am crying now....I miss all you guys! I got sleep this week....but it's better to have puppies than to have sleep.....I hope everyone is doing well, being nice, and I love the updates and pictures. Visit if you can!
Tiny has shows this weekend in Monroe (grooming and bathing now) and next weekend in Marshall, and maybe the following weekend in Ohio and then maybe a fourth weekend in Ohio too. Keep fingers crossed for or two wins and she's a champion. She deserves it, she is so happy and nice and was just the best big sister, ever!

Greta wanted grooming today instead of Tiny. It was cute. I groomed her and she loved it. She is putting her weight back on and is very happy. I guess the stress is off. She goes back to agility on Monday night and then this fall will be lots of hunting.....her most favorite thing. She's the best mama, ever!

Gret's sends mama kisses to all her pretty babies!!

ok, time for Tiny's bath and blow dry - lol.

more of Cactus (Trey)

Cactus!!! (Trey)

I have missed him and wondered what's up. I got a lot of wonderful pictures. Trey's name is Cactus (unique) and here are a bunch of great pictures of the little rascal (Mary's word, not mine! but it is so fitting) I miss little freckle face:

Hey!! I missed the 9 week birthday wishes, yesterday

HAPPY 9 WEEK BIRTHDAY, BABIES! Hope you are all being good.